Thursday, February 1, 2007

YOA Review 2!

Nigel swtiches off the tape.

ANDREW: Oi! I was watching that!

NIGEL: I'm sorry, but there is a level of moronic self-congratulation I do not tolerate.

Andrew, Dave and Eve stare at him in shock.

ALL: Seriously?!

NIGEL: Yes! God, part one of a story with "Daleks" in the title and what do they do? Pussy foot round it, never mentioning them by name so we'll be vaguely surprised at the cliffhanger. And then Lytton goes round saying "extermination" like that...

ANDREW: Aw, come on, that's tradition! Everyone knows the writer does the story so the Daleks will be a surprise and then PR names the story "of the Daleks" so viewers will be there to be surprised! It's not so bad...

NIGEL: What? Like that sudden derth of Tarrants, Sonheims and other Terry Nationisms?!

EVE: It was a bit adult. The way those two were mentally undressing each other, and giving Roylan digs about his sex life...

ANDREW: What about Tarrant and the nude snooker contest?

NIGEL: That's another rip off!

DAVE: Of what?

NIGEL: Of Jonathon Creek: The Problem At Gallows Gate parts one AND two!

DAVE: Oh, that! Yes, well, that is also the story of the bloke who dies, comes back to life and strangles his girlfriend, isn't it? And the guy's video collection clearly includes The Twin Dilemma?

EVE: He stole his evil trick from The Twin Dilemma. How low can you go?

NIGEL: How about Captain Doran, quite clearly supposed to be Dorian Gray from Blake's 7.

ANDREW: And he was stolen from Oscar Wilde, dumbass.

NIGEL: Oh, so two wrongs now make a right do they? And for all your bitching about "characterization", those scenes on the prison bridge had a smell of The Young Ones about them.

EVE: "Smell?"

DAVE: Probably bong water. Anything else or can we watch the rest?

EVE: You can. I'm off for a bath. I'll be back when they let Adam out.

Eve rises and leaves. Andrew calls over his shoulder.

ANDREW: Eve, you know the house rules - no mention of OG rumors as canon before lunchtime!

NIGEL: Hey, Eve, do you want me to do your back?

EVE: No.

NIGEL: How about your front?

Eve slams the bathroom door. Nigel shrugs.

NIGEL: She so wants me.

DAVE: Can we watch the rest now?

NIGEL: Sure. If you're brave enough to face the Curse.

DAVE: What curse?

NIGEL: Oh, you'll find out. I'll press play.

DAVE: No, what curse? Hey, wait a minute, WHAT CURSE?!?

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