Tuesday, February 6, 2007

If *I* Had Written Time-Flight 3


Unsurprisingly, the Doctor doesn't trust the Master an inch. Nyssa is deeply comatose and insists that "the Xeraphin are divided and the balance must be restorted". The Master leaves, explaining that one of them will be needed to be sacrificed if they want to know more.

At Kalid's behest, the passengers begin to attack a dome in the middle of the Citadel with blunt instruments. He needs to break into the inner sanctum. Adric appears and insists that this imbalance is only temporary, Kalid is wasting his time. Kalid realizes that "Adric" is assuming a particular form. And that gives him a wicked idea.

The Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Haytor enter the Citadel and they pool the information they had at hand. Concord has by sheer chance plunged out of time and space into an astral dimension where a being or beings called the Xeraphin are fighting some kind of battle, and their arrival has upset the balance.

Tegan and Nyssa mention meeting their dead relatives and, while the Doctor does not admit to seeing Adric, agrees that the Xeraphin are assuming forms that they will trust. But why did Aunt Vanessa try to dupe Tegan when Tremas told Nyssa the truth?

Suddenly, the hypnotized passangers begin to leave the ziggurat. The Doctor waylays Stapley and the pilots and together with Haytor snap them out of their trance. The Doctor tells them to mingle with the passengers and see what they are doing, and that Stapley should head to the Concord and ready it as best as possible for take off. The rest head into the depths of the Citadel.

Kalid peers into his crystal ball - which is now tuned onto the TARDIS.

The quartet examine the dome the passengers were trying to break into and Nyssa senses that a Xeraphin is inside and is on the brink of... But she is distracted as Adric enters. He screams at them for daring to leave him to die and that if they don't want to die they should go back to the TARDIS. The Doctor begins to freak out but Nyssa insists that Adric is an illusion created by their enemy. Tegan notices that Adric is very insistant about going back to the TARDIS.

Kalid angrilly begins chanting.

Adric vanishes. The Doctor runs off after him, and Haytor believes that the Time Lord's sanity has finally snapped. As he heads after him, Nyssa decides enough is enough and begins to meditate. Tegan is worried that this will allow her to fall prey to the Xeraphin - and soon a strange voice begins to speak from Nyssa's mouth.

Stapley returns from the Concord to find the others, he needs to do some repairs. There he meets Bilton and Scobie watching in confusion as the passengers dragging a police box towards the zigurat. Aunt Vanessa arrives and under her influence they begin to get hypnotized again. Scobie manages to flee, but the others are soon in a trance and helping the passengers move the TARDIS.

Meanwhile, Haytor finds the Doctor and tells him to pull his act together. Haytor's wife drowned last year and he knows how bad things can be, but he knows there's no point moping - it won't bring Adric back or make what happened any better. The Doctor has to keep what friends he has alive, or else he really will have failed Adric.

Back at the dome, Nyssa insists that Tegan must surrender herself for the Xeraphin to communicate. It is the only way for them to understand what's happening, even if there is the risk that they will die as the Master predicted. Tegan does so and Tremas arrives to explain he is an ambassador of the Xeraphin. Things are very serious...

Haytor and the Doctor are trying to find their way through the maze but it appears that the corridors are changing - either someone is deliberately altering the architecture, or its an hallucination. Either way, they find themselves in the heard of the zigurat, facing the sinister form of Kalid, who greets them.

He is Kalid. They will obey him. Or die.


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