Tuesday, February 6, 2007

If *I* Had Written Time-Flight 2


The Doctor runs from Adric, refusing to accept this. He believes he has gone mad and turns round a corridor and finds the Master waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Tremas instructs Nyssa to go and find the Doctor. There are dark forces at work and they are preying on her companions. She must find them both and take them back to the TARDIS. The professor follows her and grabs her, demanding she reveal what's happening to them all.

The Master, like Adric, must be dead and the Doctor refuses to believe in ghosts. The Master gleefully reminds the Doctor of how he's failed his companions so badly and now he doesn't even know where they are in a strange realm. The Doctor just isn't cut out for the universe.

The Time Lord begins to get angry. Why the hell does he care what the Master thinks of him? At least the Doctor hasn't wiped out half the galaxy or created a city full of pacifists out of sheer sadism. The Master, annoyed, turns and walk off. The Doctor follows him but the Master is gone.

As he returns onto the concourse he spots Tegan addressing some commuters like she's working there. Heading down to the concourse he confronts her and realizes she has somehow been hypnotized. As he moves to break her trance, Adric appears again, warning him not to.

In the zigurat, Kalid grows troubled as he watches Nyssa and the professor talk.

The man is Professor Haytor and he was shocked to realize that when the plane arrived at Heathrow everyone bar the passengers and crew were ghosts and the passengers were all hypnotized. As an expert in hypnotism, he has been able to keep his senses. He's watched Nyssa and knows that not only is unaffected, she is working to a plan. Nyssa explains she arrived with the Doctor and Tegan and that this entire airport is not real. It's fake - an accident.

Kalid mumbles and chants to himself, and Adric urges the Doctor to leave Tegan in her state. Here, she hasn't witnessed the horrors she faced with the Doctor. Her life is normal and she believes that her Aunt is alive. Just who is the Doctor to make her suffer reality? The Doctor points out that Adric's presence is making him suffer. Which in turn suggests that Adric is there simply to taunt him - and as the Doctor doubts Adric's ghost would be vengeful, realizes that someone is controlling these manifestations.

Nyssa and Haytor return to the Concord where Captain Stapley, Co-pilot Bilton and navigator Scobie are mindlessly checking and re-checking their plane for take off. Haytor has tried for hours to break them out of it, but Nyssa is certain that from what her father told her she can break through. Indeed, her presence is enough to distract the pilots, because she wasn't part of the initial hypnosis, but they rationalize her as a wandering passenger. They get into an argument and soon Stapley realizes that the airport they have arrived at is hanging in the middle of a grey void...

The Doctor finally snaps Tegan out of it and they begin to search for Nyssa. The Doctor suspects that they have arrived in a psycho-reactive plain. This world shapes itself to the expectations of the arrivals. So when a Concord full of passengers were so expecting to arrive at Heathrow, the plain shaped itself to the airport and the milling tourists are part of the hallucinations. However, Tegan points out that while this might be accidental, the hypnosis of the genuine human beings certainly can't be down to chance. The Doctor agrees - some force is determined to stop the intruders from interfering.

Kalid is furious. They are too close to the truth. He begins to chant loudly.

The real passengers, at various points throughout the fake airport, suddenly freeze and start to make their ways through the building and outside towards the zigurat.

The Doctor and Tegan meet up with Nyssa and the others. The pool their resources and realize that the zigurat is not part of the illusion and must be the centre of what is happening here. They decide to head for it when the pilots begin to zone out, and the Professor believes that their host is trying to hypnotize them. Nyssa desperately starts calling out for her father to help, but the Doctor's shouts that Tremas is dead comes to naught.

Kalid laughs evilly as the passengers and crew enter the zigurat.

The hysterical Nyssa suddenly has trouble breathing and collapses. The Master enters and reveals that the Xeraphin required a sacrifice. Nyssa provided it - and now the Traken girl is dead.


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