Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cover Story

I may be a crap cartoonist, but I do wonders with photoshop.

A cover I made for the story two years before I even started writing it. It was destiny, I tell ya. DESTINY!!!

You see that? I did that, did I.

And a totally irrelevant story of evil genetic experiments, monster babies and divergent histories I did for 27 Up entitled Genesis of the Dreilyns (AKA Doctor Who Vs Species).

A cover for the David Collings Doctor in his two seasons of angst, hate, death and despair.

My abortive cover for Jared Hansen's anti magnum opus, If He Wrote Attack of the Cybermen.

And my non-abortive cover used pencil and rubber and pen and ink and sweat AND BLOOD!!!


Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

Would it be improper to point out that the quality of the `shops is in inverse proportion to how far you scroll down the page? Ah. Thought so.

I love the Warhead & TD ones, though. Are they made to look like VHS covers? (I'm not familiar with them myself...)

You've got me thinking of trying my hand at covers for my own Alt-22 stories... could I shop a beret onto Glynnis Barber's head and make her look tough is the question...

Youth of Australia said...

You mean, the further down the page, the crappier they get?

Yeah, that's fair. The last one was cut and past with bitmap rather than photoshop. In terms of age, it goes 2, 4, 3, 1.

Warhead was supposed to be a Target novelization - the PD ones often had VERY crude photos cut out and stuck against a lurid background, and I improved it with lightning and soft focus.

TD is supposed to be a BBC Book cover. With the wrong logo.

I dunno about that, but GB looks tough in most thing she plays - saw her as the wife of Robbie Coltrane in a movie and she acted like she could deck him one handed.

I started a cover for your Attack of the Cybermen, but it didn't work out. I could put it up if you're interested.