Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If I Had Written Torchwood...


London is burning. The air is thick with screams - some jubilant, some terrified. There are bodies in the streets. Small vortices appear and vanish. Canary Wharf has a whacking big hole in it. Emergency vehicles rush back and forth as news stations appeal for calm: the emergency is over and order will be restored. The Cybermen have vanished, and the flying robots of death have vanished too... but reports are coming in. More deaths are occuring.

The unspoken 'ceasefire' between religions has ended now the ghosts turned into those silver terrorists from the seventies. Extremists are attacking each other, blaming false religion for this disaster. Suicides have gone up. This might just be Doomsday after all.

A black van hurtles down a highway, aiming specifically for Cardiff. Tosh drives, insisting that they are heading into danger. Suzie insists the fallback base is all they have left - and if the Daleks and Cybermen return, they will do so at the rift. Tosh thinks they should run and hide for they end up dead like all the others, but Torchwood will defend humanity against the alien horde. No matter what.

In the back, Owen snaps at Ianto to leave him to work on a half-ruined conversion unit in which lies Ianto's girlfriend Lisa. Owen's hypocratic oath is all that's stopping him killing Lisa and putting her out of her misery. An experimental Cyber conversion, she has somehow been spared unlike the other Cybermen. The delerious Lisa loses consciousness and Owen cannot revive her - he and Ianto have managed to activate the Cyber stasis mode. Nothing else can be done.

Night falls. Martial law has been declared. In Rohl Dahl Pass, the van screeches to a halt and Tosh runs out across the plaza towards the water fountain to see if the base has been compromised by Cybermen. A voice informs her the skeleton staff are dead, but the systems are still operational.Tosh turns and realizes a man in a long coat has appeared in front of the fountain. Suzie emerges from the van and draws a gun, demanding to know who the man is.

The newcomer grins and holds out a hand.

"Captain Jack Harkness, pleased to meet you..."

to be continued...


Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

My memory's a little sketchy on this - did I say how kick-ass this way after you emailed it to me?

I mean I didn't think there was much wrong with "Everything Changes", but this hit the ground running approach is so much better.

Youth of Australia said...

I mailed this to you? I must have been wasted, I don't remember it at all.

Also, your own blog is so cool I wonder why I bother to continue - a feeling not felt since I saw Black Books: Grapes of Wrath, which showed me the best sitcoms can ever be.

It's an incredibly high compliment, you know.