Sunday, January 21, 2007

On a related topic...

Sparacus has returned!

Gosh, first sebflyte, then moopy, now costermonger! Has he no end of talent? Considering a very kind bloke already used

Wait! It's gone again!

Christ, it's like something vaguely mythical that vanishes a lot. Like a chesire cat without the charisma.

Once again, my legion of split personalities and one published author have freed us from this tyrranee...

(cue demented laughter from the end of Russell Morris' The Real Thing... what do you mean you never heard it?!)


hermes666 said...

Kylie's version is the definative version of "The Real Thing".

Youth of Australia said...

I dunno if you refer to the same song I do.

My one goes "ooh-moa-moa-moa-moa" a lot and has the phrase "I am not seeing you" frequently.

I don't think Kylie did a cover of it... but I could be wrong.

hermes666 said...

Youth of Australia said...

I told you I could be wrong.

Truth on this blog, oh yes.

Do you come here often?

Youth of Australia said...

Bloody good version of it too.

Wouldn't say it was definitive... I've only heard two versions. But very, very good. I can't believe I hadn't heard it before.

Still, as she says, it's never too late.